The 2017 Stephen Curry Asia Tour Powered by Under Armour brings Stephen up close and personal with global fans who normally follow him fervently from thousands of miles away. It offered fans the chance to learn from Stephen lessons in life and basketball, but also impart the knowledge and culture of their diverse countries through experiential activations, public events, cultural happenings and more. Its purpose was to grow the game of basketball globally, while bringing cultures and traditions together and continue the elevation of Under Armour as a truly global brand dedicated to making all athletes better around the world. 

The Tour consisted of four cities- Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Seoul. The Under Armour crew documented Curry's travel and cultural experiences in each city, showing his passion for the sport, the brand, and support of his fans worldwide.

2018 Webby Awards Honoree: Film & Video
Performance & Craft
Best Editing
Agency: Under Armour In-House Brand Creative
Spot:  2017 Stephen Curry Asia Tour Presented by Under Armour Films
SVP Creative: Steve Battista
Creative Director, Global Digital Content: Thomas Harris
Under Armour Global Production Director, Motion Pictures: Trang Dam
Under Armour Senior Videographer, Global Digital Content: Joseph Sederquist
Under Armour Senior Editor, Motion Pictures: Justin Beckenheimer
Under Armour Producer, Motion Pictures: Jeffrey Oguamanam
Under Armour Photographer, Global Creative: Devin Allen
Under Armour Senior Videographer, Global Digital Content: Laurence Scott
Under Armour Brand Manager, Basketball: Justin Brown
Under Armour Director, Integrated Communications: Corey Nocco
Under Armour Director, Greater China Marketing: Lydia Zhu
Under Armour Brand Manager, Greater China Marketing: Eddy Chen
Under Armour Brand Communications Manager, Korea: Da-Jung Lim
Under Armour Manager, Greater China Digital Marketing: Cyrus Liu
Under Armour Communications Manager, Korea: Eun Jung Hong
Under Armour Senior Director, Global Events & Athlete Tours: Kelley Coleman Walton
Under Armour Senior Manager, Global Athlete Tours: Mylinh Chau
Under Armour Director, Global Communications: Tara Moore

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